This is a ‘blog’, a “web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.” a.k.a a trendy yet hedonistic product of the twenty-first century information barrage. Like the public-friendly facebook page for MI-Umpteen, or something. Unfortunately, this blog like so many others, will embody the deadly combination of assumed readership and heady widespread journalistic aspiration and here I am, joining the dark side, like Peter Pettigrew but with Duke of Edinburgh awards and a greater sympathy for the Surrey Hills and the Guildford area in general.

CLASSIC situation: Third year Edinburgh University student of Chinese and History on international exchange at Peking University.

Ten little months, from Bruntsfield to Beijing, from Scotmid to Sanlitun, from Potterow to Pagoda, Queensferry to Qianlong, the nine million and first bicycle, hot n’ fresh out the chu fang, from West side to the East side, no diggity, no knowing when I should have stopped…

If you are reading this, you’re sooo nice, thank you!


This is dedicated in the memory of an incredible friend and ‘flattie’, though she will see it all first-hand anyway.

“Death is but the crossing of the world,
as friends do the seas”
William Penn


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Vickaaaay, this is THE perf blog (and I’ve read a far few)! Clars is going to be hysterically laughing along to all your crayjing moments. X

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