Cont’d – Tuition


As I listened to the presentations, I picked out the popular mispronunciations that I spent the following fortnight trying to correct. A programme of oral english tuition was drawn up and I actually had a lot of fun while correcting deep-rooted pronunciation errors, playing english language games and generally getting to know the lovely group of students better. With no exceptions, they were all extremely keen to learn and to improve with a native english speaker. Common errors involved difficulties with the ‘th’ and ‘v’ sounds. Although I cannot boast complete success in transforming my students and new friends into more modest-nosed Stephen Frys, I at least made the vital step of making them aware of how they were saying things wrong and hopefully gave them lasting ways of remembering how certain words should sound. Unfortunately for me, a significant number of words were new to me too and so whilst a whole new world of lipids, CCR3 and outlandish proteins was opened up to me, I had to quickly decide how some of the more specialised terms were pronounced myself before taking on the role of the omniscient teacher. 



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